Case Studies

Learn more about the work of practitioners and organisations who work with the community, often using creative processes. Each case study has been crafted with a commitment to sharing the community recipes of our field, detailing the who, what, when, where, why, and how of seminal projects.

Elders share stories of the objects they had collected over the years during the first sharing session held at the Whampoa Community Club.Photo credit: Tsao Foundation.

The Art of Culture in Community Development

October 2020

What is the value of arts and cultural approaches to community development? To better understand arts-based community development practices in geographically-based communities, this case study looks at the practices of 3 case examples to reveal insights about the work. Featured in this case study are the following cases: The Community Theatre by Beyond Social Services and helmed by Izzaty Ishak; Curating Whampoa (2016-2018) led by Tsao Foundation and Professor Thomas K. Kong; Let’s Go PLay OutSide! (LGPO!) by 3Pumpkins, led by Lin Shiyun at Lengkok Bahru (2018), in collaboration with South Central Community Family Service Centre.

People at a void deck watching a projector screen (Both Sides, Now at Chong Pang)

The Unique Value of the Arts in Community Development: A Case Study of ArtsWok Collaborative

April 2019

We’re happy to share a case-study that the Institute of Policy Studies has worked hard on. Through it, they have documented and analysed the ways in which we’ve been developing communities through the power of the arts for the past seven years. Read it to learn more about our methods and work over time.
⁣A big thank you to Justin Lee, Andrew Lim, Sim Jui Liang, Shamil Zainuddin and Dhevarajan s/o Devadas, and Hana Alhadad for this in-depth, comprehensive study of our work!⁣

Illustrated playbook with key insights from research on play and community development

What’s Play Got To Do With Leadership And Communities?

June 2019

How does play impact the way we work in, and with communities? What can we learn about play as an approach in the artistic practices of artists Koh Hui Ling, Lin Shiyun and Tan Beng Tian? Read our freshly published “playbook”, which will distil how play works, as well as how to lead and play in the work with communities.

Void deck with a row of seated seniors stretching their backs

Moving People: Taking Civic Action

December 2018

This case study features the work of the Cassia Resettlement Team (CRT), a ground-up volunteer group who are engaged with supporting residents who have been relocated from rental flat communities in Dakota Crescent and Sims Drive to Cassia Crescent. How were they able to galvanise civic action, creating a community to meet the needs of strangers and building relationships? What can we learn from their experience? Through their work, this case study distils several considerations for civic action.

Photo taken at Both Sides, Now table discussion where participants are talking to each other. Photo Credit - Zinkie Aw

On Death And Dying: Vital Signs For A Healthy Civic Dialogue

June 2018

This case study is interested in understanding how the arts can contribute towards civic dialogue in Singapore, especially concerning sensitive or taboo topics. Through the discussion of Both Sides, Now, a multi-year arts-based community engagement project on end-of-life issues produced by Drama Box and ArtsWok Collaborative, this case study shares what healthy civic dialogue can be, as well as the conditions necessary for this to happen.