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Treat yourself to nuggets of thought in our articles on various practitioners, developments and phenomena in the field of Arts-Based Community Development.

  • Picture shows publicity image of Kembali, a dance performance devised by P7:1SMA through weekly engagement sessions with a group of elders from Montfort Care - GoodLife! Bedok.

Fostering Cultural Competence through the Arts

10 April 2023|

With the greater push for arts practitioners to develop artistic projects in community spaces, it is essential to examine the skills and capabilities required of those engaging in the field today. Community Inspirations guest contributor Regina De Rozario—artist, writer and researcher—writes about the significance of cultural competence and how it might be fostered through arts-based community work.

  • The Greenhouse Labbers and youth participants of their programme Thrive-Thru posing at the window of Bold At Work in Yuhua (a neighbourhood in Jurong). There is a streamer hanging above their heads with the words "Mama Shop" as well as a lightbox with the text "Thrive Thru! at Yuhua" on the shelf before them. On their right is a corkboard with a written description of the Shop.

The Value of Co-Creation in Arts-Based Community Development

8 December 2022|

What does co-creation mean to you? At ArtsWok, we see co-creation as an important methodology guiding each of our programmes, such as The Greenhouse Lab, which had its second edition in Yuhua. We interviewed five of the Labbers, and this resulting article serves as a receptacle for their insights on how engaging in co-creation can bring value to arts-based community development. Read further for more ideas on how you too can co-create with others.

On Being Human, and Challenging One’s Boundaries When Working with Communities

3 August 2022|

Fresh from her sabbatical and as the new Co-Artistic Director of Drama Box, Han Xuemei shares her underlying philosophies that guide her work with communities in our interview with her. Built into her practice with engaging communities is an innate sense of being human that forms the foundation to the relationships involved. Alongside her reflections on this, she offers advice to those wishing to begin working with communities using arts processes.

Exploring the Social Curating and Archiving Project

25 April 2022|

In this Community Inspirations essay, Thomas Kong shares about his work in social curating and archiving projects. He charts how he and his collaborators discovered this concept and through community art and heritage project Curating Whampoa, developed it further. Deftly weaving art theory with experience, he reflects on the meaning of archives and how the process of compiling and sharing them is a deeply social and participative process.

  • A line of people holding signs and standing against a wall. The signs mostly say "Refugees welcome here." Fié is wearing a colourful red and yellow costume.

The Adventures and Personal Manifesto of a Socially Engaged Art Practitioner

1 March 2022|

Pre-Covid-19, socially engaged artist and interdisciplinary practitioner Fié Neo was journeying across America and Europe, where she started and contributed to projects driven by important causes. Back in Singapore now, Fié has many reflections on what she has learnt in her travels: both the beauty and the hard parts of working in, and with communities and wider systems. Get to know Fié, her work and reflections in this Community Inspirations interview.

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