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In arts-based community development, what is worked on is the canvas of human relationships within the community: the medium of the arts brings to life in full colour the collective expression of identity, concerns and aspirations. What are the secret ingredients within processes that make projects and initiatives impactful?

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Both Sides, Now at Telok Blangah void deck with the artist facilitating a workshop

Project Journal

Delve into the core of an ArtsWok project and gain a deeper understanding of its inner workings from an artistic, programme management, and stakeholders’ perspectives.

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Individual from diverse backgrounds seated in circles and engaging in discussions

Field Studies

Uncover the latest developments and key issues shaping the vibrant terrain of arts-based community development, including topics centred around the intersection of arts and community work, through a series of thought-provoking essays, explainers, and multimedia presentations.

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A group of Malay-Muslim performers holding onto leafless potted plants and dancing towards the audience

Insight Reports

Learn more about ArtsWok’s projects from these analytical reports meticulously crafted by our team. They provide concise yet captivating summaries that capture our efforts in arts-based community development, acting as an arts intermediary, reflecting on our community of practice, and more.

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Students at Dignity Kitchen pasting post it notes on mahjong paper

Research Papers

Explore the works of ArtsWok through the eyes of external researchers, who offer critical analyses that situate ArtsWok’s output and positions within the field.

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