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Presented and produced by ArtsWok Collaborative, Both Sides, Now is a multi-disciplinary arts-based community programme about what it means to live well, and leave well.

This programme aims to develop spaces that encourage end-of-life conversations through arts practices and creative approaches. We do this by working with and equipping individuals, families, and communities to explore, express, and enact what living well and leaving well might mean to them.

To date, over 28,500 audiences and participants have experienced Both Sides, Now, with more than 500 volunteers and facilitators over the past decade.

Formerly co-presented and produced with Drama Box in various neighbourhoods until 2022, Both Sides, Now’s first presentation dates back to 2013 at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. It was commissioned by the Lien Foundation and the Ang Chin Moh Foundation, who continued their support up till 2019.

In 2023, we took full reins of the programme and rolled out a redesigned website subsequently. The new website showcases Both Sides, Now’s decade-long archive of impactful projects and its editions. Each with different outcomes, various art forms, and involved a multiplex of stakeholders. Hear from the community about their experiences with end-of-life matters, widen your knowledge with insights and research, and navigate our repository of end-of-life planning information.

If you like and appreciate the work we do, contribute to spark conversations that matter.

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Both Sides, Now 2023-2024