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What are some issues that need to be addressed in communities? Or community assets that can be tapped on? How about using such information to design and implement creative, arts-based programmes in communities? Is there a way to then monitor and evaluate their effectiveness? We offer training and mentoring based on our expertise in producing intermediary work in the field of arts-based community development.

The Greenhouse Lab is an action-learning programme organised since 2014. In our latest two iterations, based in Cassia Crescent and Yuhua respectively, the Lab has equipped arts and other practitioners with the skills and knowledge to design (D), implement (I), monitor (M) and evaluate (E) arts-based community development projects (the DIME model). 

The first phase involves learning the methodology of community cultural mapping from Janet Pillai, a veteran cultural researcher and practitioner. Under her teaching alongside facilitation by ArtsWok, participants design and execute a cultural mapping exercise to identify identities, issues, places of significance, assets and other relevant aspects  within the community. 

During the second phase, participants are equipped with skills by trainers and facilitators from ArtsWok to Design, Implement, Monitor and Evaluate an actual arts-based community engagement programme based on research findings from the cultural mapping exercise.