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Creating Play Spaces Through Movement and Touch – An Interview with Rolypoly Family

By ArtsWok Collaborative

28 June 2019

How can families playing together create confident and creative individuals and communities?

Through an interview with Faye Lim, Dance Artist & Co-Director of Rolypoly Family, we explore how play spaces are created through embodied experiences of movement and touch. Working with children and families, Faye shares how play spaces are set up in their programmes, the values that are brought into the space and the considerations when working with children.

Information about Rolypoly Family can be found at

The Family Dance and Music Jamboree, by Rolypoly Family and Little Creatures is a programme for families to play with movement and sounds as a way to be together. Children and their grown-ups will enjoy dance and music, in each others’ company and in the company of dance artists from Rolypoly Family and music artists from Little Creatures. For more information, click here.

Rolypoly Family hopes to work with more diverse children across Singapore and welcomes partnerships with schools, co-ops and social service organisations. Rolypoly Family will be contactable here.