The Greenhouse Sessions #16

The Greenhouse Sessions #16
Introduction to Cultural Mapping – Concept, Theory and Application

Date and Time

Saturday 3 March 2018
9.30am – 2.30pm

Singapore Management University
90 Stamford Road
School of Social Sciences, Room B116C (B1-1)
Singapore 178903

What is culture and how do you map it? How do you uncover relationships between people and their connection with spaces they inhabit? Why is this information meaningful?

Articulating what ‘culture’ is within any given community can be challenging, yet it is what makes a space a place. Cultural mapping helps peel back its layers to surface community assets, activate untapped community resources and craft programmes that can animate people and spaces.

In this session, Janet Pillai, a veteran of cultural research, and community engagement will introduce participants to the theory of cultural mapping and how a study of culture in a site can facilitate culture-sensitive place making or community building. Following the case example of former residents of Dakota Crescent and Sims Drive who have since relocated to Cassia Crescent, participants will get hands-on experience on how to frame a mapping exercise.

Whether you are an arts practitioner, designer, urban planner or community worker searching for tools to better understand the communities you work with, you are welcome to join us!

This session also kicks-off a series of in-depth workshops on cultural mapping facilitated by Janet Pillai. Click here for more information and to register for the workshops.

About the Speaker

Janet Pillai served as an associate professor at the Department of Performing Arts in University Sains Malaysia (until 2013) and founded Arts-ED (2007), a non-profit organisation in Penang which provides arts and culture education for young people.

Pillai is currently an independent researcher and resource person advocating for research and development of cultural sustainability. Her specialisation is in arts education, community-engaged arts, sociology of culture and creative pedagogy. Her ground work entails research, programming and managing community-engaged projects in partnership/consultation with community, local agencies, artists and professionals.

Pillai has authored 3 books and numerous articles on arts and culture education and sustainability. She also contributes as expert resource person in organisations such as UNESCO Bangkok, APCIEU Korea, and GETTY Foundation.


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FAQ about The Greenhouse Sessions

The Greenhouse Sessions is a programme by ArtsWok Collaborative. It is a community of practice where people who share a common concern for arts-based community development, teach one another to do it better through a process of regular engagement.

Our sessions involve:

  • Connecting with other experienced practitioners working in the field of arts in communities
  • Exchanging information, stories and personal experiences in a way that builds understanding and insight
  • Generating new knowledge and collaboration opportunities through this shared platform to kick-start meaningful action

As this is a community of practice, the sessions will be open only to those who have some experience or expertise related to the session, as well as individuals who have a keen interest to contribute to the topics of the session.

The emphasis here is on group learning, so while literature and other resources will be made available to participants from time to time, the collective wisdom of the community of practice is the real treasure. So come prepared to give and to receive.
ArtsWok Collaborative respects your privacy. We will be taking photos, videos as well as recording audio at this event. These may be used for archival, education and publicity purposes. Comments made by attendees may be used in publications by ArtsWok Collaborative but will not be attributed. By registering for this event, we understand that you have consented to the above.