The Greenhouse Sessions #19

The Greenhouse Sessions #18
Creative Leadership and Re-Imagining Communities II (The Community Theatre: Giving Choices Back)

Date and Time

Saturday 9 March 2019
10am – 3pm

Aliwal Arts Centre
28 Aliwal Street, (S) 199918
Music Studio 1, #01-02

The Community Theatre (TCT), under Beyond Social Services, has been doing transformative work among youths and their wider community through interactive theatre. Personal stories contributed by members of TCT are worked into scripts that transpire into performances presented to the community. How does theatre provide space for agency and leadership in communities?

Izzaty Ishak, the lead artist of The Community Theatre, will share about the processes of the TCT, the principles she applies in her engagements, and the conditions necessary for this creative approach to community development. Participants can also expect a workshop component facilitated by Izzaty and volunteers from TCT, providing a fuller, experiential understanding of their methodology.

Whether you are a community, health or social worker curious about arts-based processes in community work; an artist of any medium engaging the community in your work; a funder, policymaker or researcher keen to understand the dynamics and value that the arts bring to engaging and developing communities, we welcome you to join us in a day of exchange and learning.

About the speaker/facilitator

Headshot of Izzaty Ishak

Izzaty Ishak

Community Worker and Applied Theatre Practitioner, Beyond Social Services 

Izzaty Ishak engages and builds friendships within and with the community through creative methods such as drama, dance and visual arts. As a community worker, one of her key projects in Beyond Social Services is leading The Community Theatre – a youth theatre group that consists of youth from rental and purchased flat communities. The group believes in holding a space that advocates the voices of the disadvantaged through interactive theatre. With her strong belief in creating a space for vulnerability, empathy, support and friendship, Izzaty hopes that The Community Theatre continues to be a space where not only she can make a difference, but youth too can make a difference in one another’s lives and their community.


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FAQ about The Greenhouse Sessions

The Greenhouse Sessions is a programme by ArtsWok Collaborative. It is a community of practice where people who share a common concern for arts-based community development, teach one another to do it better through a process of regular engagement.

Our sessions involve:

  • Connecting with other experienced practitioners working in the field of arts in communities
  • Exchanging information, stories and personal experiences in a way that builds understanding and insight
  • Generating new knowledge and collaboration opportunities through this shared platform to kick-start meaningful action

As this is a community of practice, the sessions will be open only to those who have some experience or expertise related to the session, as well as individuals who have a keen interest to contribute to the topics of the session.

The emphasis here is on group learning, so while literature and other resources will be made available to participants from time to time, the collective wisdom of the community of practice is the real treasure. So come prepared to give and to receive.
ArtsWok Collaborative respects your privacy. We will be taking photos, videos as well as recording audio at this event. These may be used for archival, education and publicity purposes. Comments made by attendees may be used in publications by ArtsWok Collaborative but will not be attributed. By registering for this event, we understand that you have consented to the above.