• The eight senior collaborators, artists, and team members of ArtsWok Collaborative in the community's centre.
    24 May 2024

    Through encountering many small yet profound interactions during the "tides" community exhibition, Salty reveals the essence of a community development project. Likening it to a thriving ecosystem, the supportive networks fostered the successful culmination of the year-long project. Still, Salty wonders if the project ever really ends, given these ongoing relationships.

  • Eight senior collaborators standing on the shore.
    26 February 2024

    As the community exhibition "tides" draws closer, Salty reflects on the inspiration and processes behind each artwork — reminiscing on their collective journey towards living well, and leaving well. In realising the senior collaborators’ unique perspectives and passion for end-of-life matters, this project journal post reveals the year-long journey of excavating the taboos of death through meaningful conversations.

  • Artswok Both Sides, Now Yishun stakeholders' conversations with Salty Xie talking to two other people in a room
    17 November 2023

    In her second Project Journal post, Salty touches on the realities of working on a project that takes a community development approach. As Salty leads the seniors on their individual projects, she shares how she grapples with the challenge of having a myriad of expectations from different stakeholders and the race against time.

  • 2 November 2023

    What is Community Art? As our intimate conversations at Wellness Kampung @ 765 Nee Soon Central progresses, curiosity is afloat. In this project journal, Stacy Huang explains what community art means to her and how this project has enabled the senior collaborators to express their deepest reflections and contemplations on living and dying.

  • 29 August 2023

    Curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes of an arts-based community development programme? In her inaugural Project Journal post, Salty delves into the stories and memories of 8 seniors through bilingual chat sessions and intimate gatherings. She utilises various arts and creative approaches, guiding them on a journey to learn more about end-of-life matters.

  • 25 April 2022

    In this essay, Thomas Kong shares about his work in social curating and archiving projects. He charts how he and his collaborators discovered this concept and through community art and heritage project Curating Whampoa, developed it further. Deftly weaving art theory with experience, he reflects on the meaning of archives and how the process of compiling and sharing them is a deeply social and participative process.